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Work Experience

This page contains a detailed description of my work experience. If you are interested in just the headlines and big pictures of what I did please check out my resume or LinkedIn.

EDG Intern - MathWorks

May 2020-August 2020, Natick MA

This past summer I worked remotely for MathWorks thanks to the pandemic. Despite the the unforuntate event of the pandemic, my time at MathWorks was the most technically challenging and interesting software development experience I've had so far.

My main project this summer involved developing code to improve the performance and reliability of saving plain code files in JavaScript versions of the MATLAB editor. Previously large files and slow networks could cause slow saves and occasional time outs and crashes. Using a combination of chunked messages and a piece table I was able to improve performance in these scenarios.

This project involved a lot of research and reading of technical articles to develop the concepts used in the project. The code expanded my JavaScript knowledge, now instead of just writing simple scripts I was working with object oriented JS. MathWorks was also the first company I worked at that included me in a truly AGILE workflow. I learned a lot about the software development life cycle and making sure documentation is good so other people can continue the work you started. As the project I worked on will be expanded and maintained in future versions of MATLAB

Student Teaching Assistant - WPI

October 2018 - Present, Worcester MA

I help teach and grade several introductory programming Python, Racket, Java, and SQL. Beyond these intro courses, I helped teach a higher level course on databases, this course covered the mechanisms and theory behind developing a database system, rather than how to use one, like in the intro course. Currently, I am searching for a career in software engineering. However, working as a TA is one of my best work experiences as a computer scientist. I find it very fullfilling to help someone learn new things. I can only write "hello, world" once, but getting to help dozens of other people write it for the first time is a good second best. Someday, I would like to return to school for a Phd and eventually work as professor.

Web Development Intern - Wakefly

May 2019 - August 2019, Marlborough MA

During my summer at Wakefly I expanded on web development skills I learned the previous summer. I did delevopment work on 24 different websites and web applications. URLs to these websites can be shared upon request. Most of my work this summer was focused on front end programming with an emphasis on responsive design. I learned about the importance of HTML metatags and search engine optimization in web design. I also did backend work using several content management systems including: Sitecore, Umbraco, Kentico Cloud, and WordPress.

IT Intern - NMS Labs

May 2018 - August 2018, Willow Grove PA

The more time that passes since this internship the more I appreciate it. This internship occurred the summer after my freshmen year. At the time I did not know much about large scale software development or working at a company. However, the internship challenged me and allowed me to write actual impactful code and learn a ton while doing it. Looking back I learned so much during my time here that has helped me in my CS journey since then.

The NMS IT internship is interesting as it was broken into 3 parts: Systems/Networks, Development, and Quality Assurance. As a programmer, I spent most of my summer with the development group. However, I got to spend two weeks with both QA and Networks. With the networks group I learned a lot about setting up hardware, I spent a day imaging several machines (not super exciting). I went on several help calls to do things such as connecting a wireless printer to an employees laptop, and setting up a projector in a conference room for a company meeting. With QA, I got my first experience in testing code. I performed a checklist of manual unit tests to test a graphical user interface.

During the main portion of the summer I assisted the developers in creating a new web application to serve as a virtual marketplace for NMS's clients. I mostly performed minor bug and css fixes. But I learned CSS, HTML, and JavaScript as well as backend web development in C# using Microsoft's .NET MVC Framework. Additionally, I had more core coding responsibility when my mentor took 2 weeks off when his wife had a baby. I took over finishing development of an internal intranet web app to be used by the NMS Marketing team to handle inventory management, also in the ASP.NET MVC framework. I learned and wrote several PL/SQL procedures to be called by the C# backend. This was my first introduction to SQL and taught me a lot about data bases that I wouldn't learn in school until much later.

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